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At Horizon Vision Center, we believe the goal of routine eye care is maintaining good vision for life. The ability to see "20/20" is only one part of that goal. Good vision is about comfort as much as clarity. It means keeping eyes healthy by detecting and treating small changes before they become big problems.

One of the comments we hear most often from our new patients is that the exams we provide are the most thorough they've ever had. One of the unique things about our practice is that we have always been on the forefront of technology in eye care. In 1997 we were among the first practices in Grand Junction to incorporate corneal topography (precise mapping of the cornea) into our exams, providing greater detail and better management of our contact lens and laser vision patients. We were also one of the first eye care practices in Colorado to offer the Optomap Retinal Exam giving many of our patients an alternative to routine pupil dilation. Whether it’s technology that improves our ability to manage patients with eye disease or simply enhances routine care for all of our patients, we will continue to use the most advanced equipment available in eye care to give our patients the most complete and accurate assessment of their vision and eye health.

Maintaining Good Vision for Life
At the conclusion of your exam, your doctor will review the test results and discuss your options. From glasses and contact lenses to vision therapy and LASIK – most people today have several choices when it comes to vision correction. As your primary eye care specialists, our goal is to help you understand which are best suited to your eye health, your visual demands and your lifestyle.