Eye Glasses

Your eyewear defines the look of your face everyday. It says a lot about your sense of style, your attitude, who you are. That's why it needs to fit more than just your face – it needs to fit your life. At Horizon Vision Center our opticians work side-by-side with our doctors so that nothing gets lost in translation from the prescribing to the filling of your prescription.

Find a Style that Fits You

We offer a unique collection of exceptionally well-crafted frames from some of the hottest designers in eyewear. So whether you're looking for frames that are classic, funky or something in between, you’ll find them here. You will also be able to select the most technologically advanced lens materials and designs available to create the thinnest, lightest and often clearest pair of glasses you’ve ever worn.

With so many styles, colors and lens options to choose from, finding the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task. Why not make the experience painless and maybe even fun? If you’re looking for exceptional optical expertise, frame styling experience and honest opinions about your eyewear, the Optical department of Horizon Vision Center is here to help.